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The series includes monthly offerings ranging from clinical training opportunities, to parent education, to a platform for people who stutter of all ages to share their stories. Sessions are moderated by many of the world’s leading clinicians, researchers, and self-help advocates — bringing learning and collaboration to you.

Using FluencyBank resources in your clinical practice

Speaker: Nan Bernstein Ratner, University of Maryland, College Park

Date: May 16, 2022

Time: 6-7:15pm ET

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Description: FluencyBank is an NIDCD-supported international initiative to assist both researchers and clinicians working with fluency disorders. It provides free Mac- and PC-compatible software to assist audio- and video-linked transcription, annotation and computation of fluency profiles for single clients or groups of clients. We show how to use the software to more quickly and accurately perform assessments of both fluency and language, including computation of weighted disfluency scores for baseline and use media-linked transcripts for progress monitoring purposes.


  • Target Audience: Speech-Language Pathologists, researchers, instructional faculty
  • There is no fee for this event
    *This course is not eligible for CEUs

Bio: Nan Bernstein Ratner is Professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. An ASHA Honoree and Fellow of AAAS, she has also received the IFA Distinguished Researcher award, as well as named NSA Professional of the Year. With Brian MacWhinney of Carnegie-Mellon University, she is co-founder of FluencyBank, a non-profit NIH- and NSF-supported resource for research, clinical intervention and teaching focused on stuttering and cluttering. She publishes frequently in the areas of fluency and child language development/disorder; her most recent major publication is A Handbook on Stuttering (2021), with the late Oliver Bloodstein and colleague Shelley Brundage.