Lead singer for the rock band Hello Kelly, Francois “Francy” Goudreault, Jr., was also honored by the Stuttering Foundation. In Hello Kelly’s song Communication Breakdown, Francy and his bandmates have set to music the struggles 65 million people around the world live each day. Francy’s message and achievement amplify hope for a new generation of people who stutter. Hello Kelly is a feisty alt-rock band from Orangeville, ON. Francy Goudreault explains: “The album title Easy for You to Say is wordplay on my stutter, something I’ve scrapped with for a long time. But I don’t count it as a weakness. Instead, I count it as a unique perspective, a challenge, a story to tell. The hope is that people will hear my story and be encouraged to overcome the hurdles and hardships in their own lives.”

From the Summer 2012 Newsletter