IN THE NEWS: New Film Available in 16,000 U.S. Libraries to Help Kids Who Stutter

As a trusted source of current and timely information on stuttering, our materials are as close as your nearest public library. For decades, The Stuttering Foundation has made its books and videos available for free to public libraries across the country.

Today, with help of the Foundation’s Information Specialist, Patty Reed, and the generosity of our benefactors, more than 16,000 libraries shelve our materials. Patty’s outreach by press release to newspapers helps spread the word to communities about materials available at their local library.

“More than three million Americans stutter, yet stuttering remains misunderstood by most people,” Stuttering Foundation’s Jane Fraser said. “Myths, such as believing people who stutter are less intelligent or suffer from psychological problems, still persist despite research refuting these erroneous beliefs.”

Stuttering Foundation books are directed to parents of children who stutter, adults who stutter, speech pathologists, pediatricians, family physicians, nurses, health care professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, day-care centers, and all those concerned with the problem of stuttering.

If you find a library that doesn’t shelve our materials, ask them to submit a request.

"We are working hard to make our collection more diverse and to make materials available for underserved communities and communities with special needs. It is wonderful that you are making these materials available at no cost to public libraries. They will be fantastic additions to our collection."
-Director Arin Wilken, Alltoona Public Library, Altoona, WI

"I am very excited to receive the materials offered in your email. This subject is very dear to me, as my husband, who is now a minister, stuttered severely as a child, and now only occasionally. Thank you for any of these that you can provide. Thank you again for all you are doing!"
-Director Marcia Broady, Selby Township Library District, DePue, IL

" I am happy to spread the knowledge and assist families and individuals who deal with stuttering."
-Director Brittany Wallace, New Albin Public Library, New Albin, IA

From the 2023 Fall Magazine