What are CEUs?

"CEUs" is an abbreviation for continuing education units. They represent units of time associated with taking a course or self-study program. They are measured in fractions of time; one hour = 0.10 CEU. CEUs are awarded by ASHA upon successful completion of an approved Continuing Education course.

How do I pay for an online course?

You pay by first selecting the course, then clicking on the PayPal icon (you do NOT need to have a PayPal account) and entering your credit card information. The Stuttering Foundation accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Will I get a certificate of completion once I'm done with the course?

Yes. Completed courses will be listed in the "Achievements" tab. A link to download your certificate appears next to each listed course.

Are handouts included?

Not all courses have handouts. Handouts can be found under "Additional References" in downloadable PDF format.

What are the system requirements for taking an online CE course?

These CE programs run on a PC, Mac, iPad, or tablet with a web browser with a dedicated Internet connection. Please ensure that your web browser is up to date.  Book based courses require Adobe PDF Reader (Download here) for e-books and downloadable study materials.

Are the CEUs approved by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association?
Yes. Stuttering Foundation of America is an approved Continuing Education provider by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

How do I complete an online course?

To complete an online continuing education course from the Stuttering Foundation, you must first choose the course you're interested in and then register and pay the fee for the course. Once you've registered and paid, simply click on the link next to the course listing and it will open up for you. Additionally once you purchase the course, you will be sent a login email. Simply click the link in the email, and you're in. You can exit the course at any time and come back to it later; you do not have to complete the course in one sitting. Once you've watched and/or read all information associated with your course, you will take a brief quiz over the course content. You may not exit the test and come back to it later; once you begin the test it must be completed. You must score at least an 80% in order to earn credit for the course.

How do I pay for an online course?

You pay by first selecting the course, then clicking on the PayPal icon (you do NOT need to have a PayPal account) and entering your credit card information. The Stuttering Foundation accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Will more online CE courses be added?

Yes. We also have several new courses in development. Check back frequently to see what new courses are available!

What are the advantages of online CE courses offered by the Stuttering Foundation?

As of January 1, 2017, the Stuttering Foundation no longer offers paper and pencil CE courses. Online courses offer several advantages, such as the ability to (1) learn whether you've successfully passed the course immediately after taking the quiz, (2) print a completion certificate immediately, (3) review what courses you've already taken by checking your online transcript, and (4) reprinting lost certificates of completion at a later time. To order a hard copy of a DVD or book used in the course, please visit our eStore at www.StutteringHelp.org.

Do I have to watch the whole course at one time?

No, you can stop and start the online streaming anytime you would like. Also, as long as the CE course is still being offered, you will still have access to the content even after you have completed the course and taken the test. 

Can I pause the video streaming?

Yes, you can! You can pause and restart as many times as you would like.

How much time will I need to complete a course?

Course length can be found in the course descriptions. Most of our courses can be completed in one to three hours.

Once I earn my ASHA CEUs, how do I get my CEUs listed in the ASHA registry?

The Stuttering Foundation reports course completion to ASHA at the end of each month. ASHA reviews the course reports and makes the final determination regarding an individual's ability to have CEUs recorded on his or her ASHA registry transcript. It can take several weeks for earned CEUs to show up on the ASHA Registry, so be patient and check back.

I have completed my CE courses. Why have they not been reported to ASHA?

Stuttering Foundation only submits reports to ASHA at the end of each month. From the time that the report reaches the ASHA national office, the staff there has 45 days to enter the information into an individual's ASHA continuing education transcript. This timeline is one reason to make sure you print and save your certificate of completion.

Who keeps track of how many CEUs have been awarded?

Tracking how many CEUs have been awarded is your responsibility. If you choose to do so, you can pay ASHA's Continuing Education Registry to have ASHA track your CEUs (not just for Stuttering Foundation courses, but for all ASHA-approved courses you participate in.) For more information on the ASHA CE Registry, go to http://www.asha.org/ce/.

Do I have to be an ASHA member to have CEUs listed in the ASHA Registry?

Yes. However, ASHA may charge extra for this service.

How many CEUs are offered for each course?

The number of CEUs offered for each course varies based on how long it takes to complete the course.

Can I start a CE course and come back to it later?

Yes. However, once you start the test, you must complete it at that time.

How long will I have access to the video and materials once I register and pay for the course?

One year, unless the course expires prior to one year from the date you purchase it. Refer to the course catalog to find out the expiration date of the course that you're interested in taking.

Do you offer a discount for school districts, companies, and other organizations?

Yes. If your organization would like to have multiple members take a course, please contact the Stuttering Foundation directly at 800-992-9392 or info@stutteringhelp.org to discuss pricing options.

How long will my transcripts be listed online?

Each course you've taken will appear on your transcript under "Accomplishments" until the course is no longer offered. Courses do expire so please make sure to print a hard copy of your completion certificate.

What if I need help completing the course?

The Stuttering Foundation is unable to provide help - clarifying content or quiz questions - to individuals taking a course. Careful attention to course content will ensure a successful outcome.

What if I have questions about technical issues?

If you need technical support, email info@stutteringhelp.org or contact us at 912-268-2387.

Can the CEUs be valid in other countries such as Canada?

Canada recognizes ASHA CEUs, but this may not be true in other countries. It is best to contact your country's accrediting body and ask whether it accepts ASHA-approved CEUs.

Why do I need to pay for each person taking the course?

This online CE platform is designed to help school/healthcare workers to get continuing education without having to spend money on travel time and lodging. Think of it as bringing the conference to you. Each person at a conference is required to pay…therefore, each person at this “virtual conference” needs to pay.

What does Stuttering Foundation do?

The Stuttering Foundation brings you engaging audio and video lectures and readings to make fulfilling your online continuing education requirements fast and easy.

Not a computer expert? Not a problem.

If you can get online, you can take our courses. It’s important that your internet connection speed be fast enough to watch video.

Do your courses meet my state’s requirements?

Course approval varies by state. While many states accept our courses, it’s up to you to obtain approval from your licensing agency to ensure the course will count toward meeting your continuing education requirements.

Can I take your course if I don’t have my license yet?

All our Certificates of Completion state the specific accreditation and approval for the course you take. The course may meet your initial licensing requirements. Please confirm this with your licensing agency if you want to receive licensure credit for the course you take.