December 13, 2022

Ali Berquez, Clinical Lead at the Michael Palin Centre in London, joins Sara MacIntyre, M.A., CCC-SLP to discuss the concepts of perfectionism, high standards, models of imperfection and how they may show up in therapy for some of the children and families we work with. Ali begins by sharing how her interest in this area originated, explores perfectionism and high standards as concepts more generally, then explores their relevance within stuttering therapy for some children and parents we may work with. Ali shares a range of resources for further learning, children's book recommendations to use in therapy, as well as clinical examples where she pulls from cognitive behavioral therapy, SFBT, and beyond, leaving us all feeling a bit closer to our 'good enough' state as clinicians supporting those we may work with where high standards feel like they could get in the way of where they hope to be.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  • Overcoming Perfectionism by Shafran, Wade, & Egan
  • Freeing our Families from Perfectionism by Thomas Greenspon
  • Good Inside by Dr. Becky Kennedy
  • Breaking Up with Perfectionism (Podcast) with Adam Grant

Children's books suggested:

  • The Beautiful Oops
  • Fantastic Elastic Brain
  • The Real Deal in Perfectionism: A Guide for Kids

Bio: Ali Berquez, MSc, PG Dip CT(Oxon), BRIEF Cert. SF Practice,  is Clinical Lead at the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering in London, UK, where she has worked for over 20 years. Her role includes working with clients of all ages including adults who stutter, teaching nationally and internationally (including the Stuttering Foundation’s annual Eastern Workshop in Boston), writing, offering clinical supervision and contributing to research projects. Ali is Chair of the UK’s National Stammering Clinical Excellence Network and a certified European Fluency Specialist.