February 8, 2022

Sharon Millard, Ph.D., MRCSLT, Reg.HCPC from the Michael Palin Centre joins Sara MacIntyre, M.A., CCC-SLP to discuss a topic she recently presented on at the Rome I.C.O.C. (International Conference on Stuttering) titled, "Does Therapy Satisfy Children Who Stutter?" Dr. Millard shared feedback and research from the child perspective on what their reported best hopes for change were, and a discussion surrounding how we meet those needs from children, allowing those to shape our therapy. In addition, Dr. Millard emphasizes the strong benefits of using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as a means of, in an individualized manner, drawing out client's hopes, goals for change, and what 'satisfies' them in order to best meet their needs within therapy. Finally, Dr. Millard gives an overview of how to incorporate the child's perspective into the Palin Model (see below links for more information), and ends with a discussion exploring potential future areas of research.

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Sharon Millard Ph.D., MRCSLT, Reg.HCPC: Dr. Sharon Millard is the Research Lead and a Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist at the Michael Palin Centre, where she has worked since 1995. Dr. Millard has published research into the efficacy and effectiveness of interventions developed at the Michael Palin Centre and is co-author of the Palin Parent Rating Scales (a free, online outcome measurement tool completed by parents). Dr. Millard has had a number of editorial roles, presents regularly at international conferences and is involved in a number of scientific committees. She is currently Chief Investigator for an NIHR funded feasibility trial to explore Palin Stammering Therapy for School Children (8-14) and Co-Chair for the Oxford Dysfluency Conference. In addition to her role at MPC, Dr. Millard is a lecturer and clinical tutor at City, University of London. Dr. Millard is a certified European Fluency Specialist.