The 2012 convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) was held Nov. 15-18 in Atlanta.
This year the Stuttering Foundation had a great location with a 30-foot, corner booth. 
“The convention was a great opportunity to reach speech-language pathologists who seek resources,” said Stuttering Foundation President Jane Fraser.
A special thanks to volunteers, including Charlie Osborne, Vivian Sisskin, Kristin Chmela, Lisa Scott, Robin Michael Jones, Katerina Ntourou, Kathy Scaler Scott, Elaine Kelman, Sharon Millard, Steffi Schopick, Geoff Coalson, Diane Parris Constantino, Hatun Zengin-Bolatkale, Courtney Byrd, Vianne Bjornberg, Megann McGill, Patrice Carothers, Tony Buhr, David Evans, Judy Kuster, and Dahye Choi.
During the convention, the Foundation also hosted a reunion for alumni who have participated in the Stuttering Foundation’s workshops over the years.
From the 2013 Winter Newsletter