The Stuttering Foundation will once again be a co-sponsor of the 12th Oxford Dysfluency Conference, which will take place online January 7 and 8, 2021.

The Oxford Dysfluency Conference is one of the leading international scientific conferences in the field of stuttering. It brings together prominent researchers and clinicians to discuss innovative research and clinical practices.

This year’s speakers include Frank Guenther, Boston University; Ellen Kelly, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Vivian Sisskin, University of Maryland; Kate Watkins, University of Oxford; and Ali Berquez, Michael Palin Centre for Stammering.

Conference topics include:

  • Conceptualizing stuttering
  • Genetics, brain, and neurophysiology
  • More than speech
  • Cluttering, acquired stuttering, and atypical disfluencies,
  • Working with people who stutter

The Stuttering Foundation has been a longtime supporter of the Oxford Dysfluency Conference.

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