The following 23 speech therapists were chosen to attend an intensive workshop on stuttering therapy:

Hillary Baker, Collierville, TN; Kerri G. Berard, Fort Worth, TX; Armin Bings, Koln, Germany; Leetal Cuperman, Montreal, QC Canada; Ana Karina Espinoza Pena, Santiago, Chile; Shirley ZiJun Feng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Rudine Fetahaj, Prishtine, Republic of Kosovo; Sandra Rosa Gimenez, Campinas Brazil; Ladan Khoshbin, Binghampton, NY; Michelle Kusturiss, Oreland, PA; Paige A. Lane, Bangor, ME; Faith Leung Hiu Lam, Kowloon, Hong Kong; Dimitra Makaroni, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Maria Silvia Mazzocchi, Parma, Italy; Rebekka Langmo Pavlak, Oslo, Norway; Kaisa Punkeri, Helsinki, Finland; Angelica Bernabe Roman, East Lansing, MI; Matteo Scalabrin, Sedriano, Milan, Italy; Avrohom Steinmetz, Brooklyn, NY; Liveem Mariam Tharakan, Stockton, CA; Amanda Wells, Moscow, ID; Katherine Winters, Cincinnati, OH; Claudia Maria Zapata, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.

These therapists participated in the workshop, Using Cognitive Approaches to Working with People Who Stutter, in Boston, Massachusetts, from June 3-7, 2024. It is cosponsored by the Stuttering Foundation and Boston University.

“Since 1985, we have conducted these intensive workshops in order to increase the pool of speech-language pathologists trained in the latest techniques for the treatment of stuttering,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation.  “We are particularly excited to have Ali Berquez and Elaine Kelman from the Michael Palin Centre in London to lead this year’s training.”

“Those who are selected to participate already have professional experience and are highly motivated,” added Caroline Brinkert, M.S., of Boston University, and coordinator of the Workshop.  “Although the Foundation provides full scholarships, many give up their vacations or part of their income to attend.  Our task is to provide a forum where they can hone their skills.”

This year’s Workshop attendees are already providing stuttering therapy from California to Maine, from Brazil to Hong Kong to Malaysia.

The Stuttering Foundation estimates that more than 80 million people stutter worldwide. It notes that the more than 400 past graduates of the Boston Workshop program have created a “ripple effect” back in their home communities as they continue to share their knowledge.

The Stuttering Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been helping those who stutter since 1947. For more information, visit our websites at and


Back row: Ladan Koshbin, Matteo Scalabrin, Paige Lane, Maria Silvia Mazzochi, Armin Bings, Katie Winters, Kerri Berard, Kaisa Punkeri, Leetal Cuperman, Rebekka Pavlak

Center row: Sandra Gimenez, Claudia Zapata, Michelle Kusturiss, Avrohom Steinmetz, Angelica Bernabe Roman, Ana Karina Espinoza Pena, Amanda, Rudine Fetahaj, Faith Leung Hiu Lam, Dimitra Makaroni, Liveem Thakaram, Hillary Baker, Shirley Feng

Front row: Sarah Delpeche, Elaine Kelman, Caroline Brinkert, Ali Berquez