Advice to Those Who Stutter

Dates Available: 02/15/2024 to 01/31/2029
Registration Deadline: 01/31/2029

This audiobook details the unique journeys with stuttering of 28 adults who are or were speech-language pathologists. In 28 chapters, the authors discuss behavioral, emotional, and attitudinal elements of their journeys toward communicating successfully.

Contributing authors are--
Lon L. Emerick, PhD, Northern Michigan University; Dorvan H. Breitenfeldt, PhD, Eastern Washington University; Margaret Rainey, MA, Shorewood Public Schools, Wisconsin; Hugo H. Gregory, PhD, Northwestern University; Lois A. Nelson, PhD, University of Wisconsin; Joseph G. Sheehan, PhD, University of California; Frederick P. Murray, PhD, University of New Hampshire; James L. Aten, PhD, Long Beach VA Hospital; Peter R. Ramig, PhD, University of Colorado; J. David Williams, PhD, Northern Illinois University; Dean E. Williams, PhD, University of Iowa; Margaret M. Neely, PhD, Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation; Henry Freund, MD; Harold L. Luper, PhD, University of Tennessee; Gerald R. Moses, PhD, Eastern Michigan University; David A. Daly, PhD, University of Michigan; Joseph G. Agnello, PhD, University of Cincinnati; Richard M. Boehmler, PhD, University of Montana; Bill Murphy, MA, Purdue University, Sol Adler, PhD, University of Tennessee; Larry Molt, PhD, Auburn University; Walter H. Manning, PhD, University of Memphis; Paul E. Czuchna, MA, Western Michigan University; Robert W. Quesal, Western Illinois University; Gary J. Rentschler, PhD, SUNY-Buffalo; Kenneth O. St. Louis, PhD, University of West Virginia; Harold B. Starbuck, PhD, State University College, Geneseo; Charles Van Riper, PhD, Western Michigan University


Disclosures: Each contributing author received a small honorariam for work on his/her individual chapter. None of the contributing authors has a non-financial relationship with the Stuttering Foundation to disclose.