Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering

Dates Available: 08/14/2020 to 07/31/2025
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Presented by Vivian Sisskin

There has been increased interest in understanding the variety of speech disfluency patterns among those with autism spectrum disorders.

Case studies that describe types of disfluencies have added to our knowledge base. While both stuttering and "atypical" disfluencies (final part-word repetition) have been documented, many questions remain unanswered. What treatment methods are effective? What are the priorities for improved communication? What should we expect for positive functional outcomes?

In this 2 hour presentation, Vivian Sisskin, M.S., CCC-SLP, from the University of Maryland, summarizes the literature pertaining to disfluency in autism, and provides basic principles to aid in differential diagnosis and treatment planning. A case study, demonstrating effective treatment for final part-word repetitions, highlights a problem-solving approach to clinical management, using both learning style in autism and strategies from traditional fluency therapies. Filmed at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia during the Stuttering Foundation Mid-Atlantic Workshop, Philadelphia, PA, July 2012. Filmed and edited by Bob O'Brien, Video Design Productions, Inc., Lake Zurich, IL.

Special thanks to Lisa A. Scott, Ph.D. and Joseph Donaher, Ph.D., and the 15 Stuttering Foundation Mid-Atlantic Workshop Attendees.

DISCLOSURES: Vivian Sisskin received an honorarium for her work on this presentation. Non-Financial Disclosures: Vivian Sisskin has no non-financial relationship with the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation to disclose.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering

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Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering

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