Covert Stuttering: Transitioning from Covert to Overt

Dates Available: 07/23/2020 to 06/30/2025
Registration Deadline: 06/30/2025

Presented by Vivian Sisskin

Many people who stutter who can "pass" as fluent in daily life are desperate to do so despite the emotional cost: anxiety, dread, and fear of potential stuttering; exhausting "mental gymnastics" to avoid words or remain silent; and poor self-confidence as a communicator. Adults with a covert profile of stuttering share their experiences and provide insight into their personal journey toward self-acceptance. Vivian Sisskin, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-F, Clinical Professor, University of Maryland, College Park presents the basics of a treatment plan that supports stutterers with a covert profile to embrace their identity and confidently say all they want, when they want.

Non-financial: Vivian Sisskin has participated in developing continuing education products for the Stuttering Foundation for which she receives no royalties.  Financial: Vivian Sisskin received an honorarium for this presentation from the Stuttering Foundation.

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Covert Stuttering: Transitioning from Covert to Overt

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Covert Stuttering: Transitioning from Covert to Overt

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