• Stuttering Makes Headlines on WACH Fox 57

    The Foundation is spreading the word for National Stuttering Awareness Week.

  • WJBF TV Highlights Stuttering

    ABC Station Focuses on National Stuttering Awareness Week

  • KAGS TV Reports on NSAW

    NBC Station Makes Stuttering a Top Story

  • PBS Stations Help Spread the Word

    NSAW Highlighted on Lakeland News

  • Stuttering Foundation Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

    For more than seven decades, the Stuttering Foundation has worked hand-in-hand with teachers to help them understand the needs of the child who stutters, both in the classroom and on the playground.

  • Remembering Bill Withers

    Bill Withers has been a friend for many years and is on our list of Famous People Who Stutter. Like so many great singers and songwriters such as B.B. King and Carly Simon, Bill stuttered. And just as they did, he turned to singing to express himself through music because the spoken word was so tough for him. He will live on forever through his incredible songs.

    -Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation

  • Marilyn Monroe

    Few Hollywood actors have been as famous as Marilyn Monroe. Even 58 years after her death, she remains a popular cultural icon.

  • Remembering Jack Welch

    Former CEO Jack Welch was an inspiration to others who stutter.

  • Podcast Goes Global

    Stuttering Foundation Podcast kicked off in 2019 with weekly episodes, hosted by Sara MacIntyre, M.A., CCC-SLP.

  • Lisa Ann Scott

    Dr. Lisa Ann Scott, 54, of Tallahassee, FL died peacefully in her home on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 after a long and brave battle with breast cancer. Born on January 28, 1965, in Lincoln, NE, Lisa was the daughter of Edward (Connie) Harman and Linda (Larry) Frahm.