• John Lee Hooker’s Stuttering Highlighted in New Documentary

    John Lee Hooker's stutter caught fellow Blues music legend Buddy Guy by surprise, according to a new documentary.

  • Emily Blunt Stars in New Disney Movie 'Jungle Cruise'

    One of the stuttering community’s biggest supporters and herself a person who stutters, Emily Blunt, returns to the big screen with the release of Jungle Cruise.

  • International Conference on Stuttering

    The 2021 International Conference on Stuttering will be held Oct. 14-16 in Gubbio, Italy.

  • University Resources

    From materials for the college classroom to resources for the university clinic, the Stuttering Foundation has many options for instructors.

  • Help! My Child is Stuttering

    In this 16-minute video, parents and speech-language experts talk about how to promote easier talking as they interact with their children.

  • Richard Condon

    Acclaimed novelist Richard Condon joins the list of little-known celebrities who stutter.

  • Boris Karloff

    He became famous for his high-profile role as Frankenstein in Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939).

  • Ty Cobb

    Ty Cobb’s name appears on some lists of famous people who stutter, but unlike others, there is very little written about Cobb's life as a person who stuttered.

  • "It Won't Stop You"

    Aussie Billionaire Has Message For Kids Who Stutter

  • Q&A with Philanthropist and Speaker

    Justin Blackstone is a an advisor to the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation.