• Dr. Mother Goose

    Teachers have intuitively known the secret for years: nursery and counting rhymes have an important place in the learning process.

  • To My Stutter

    An open letter to a lifelong friend: For most of my life, you’ve been the friend I didn’t want, but couldn’t see my life without.

  • The Stanley Cup & Stuttering

    Hockey player Bryan Rust has been a champion for stuttering, openly discussing his struggles with several media outlets.

  • Singing & Stuttering

    Did you know that many famous singers who stutter began singing to overcome their stutter?

  • A Home Run for Stuttering

    World Series MVP George Springer speaks out on his speech epiphany

  • Teen Shares Experience with Stuttering Therapy

    "Fluency Program? Why is she looking at that? Where is this going? Did she find a technique?"

  • Facebook Makes Changes That Impact You

    Want to continue seeing great Stuttering Foundation content? Here's how to keep up with Facebook’s changes.

  • Boy Teaches World It's OK to Stutter

    10-year-old says it's OK to Stutter in his new documentary.

  • Riding the Greyhound

    Mom learned that Purdue University had a speech clinic and that it had sessions available to elementary and middle school students during the summer. Getting me to and from West Lafayette was solved: the Greyhound bus. This was why I rode Greyhound buses 80 miles one way, twice a day.

  • The 2017 Joe Fulcher Award

    The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering presented the 2017 Joe Fulcher Award to Chaye Foster on Dec. 13 in London. The award is named after Stuttering Foundation Board Member Joe Fulcher, who passed away on Oct. 6.