Updated Research Data on Preschool Children

The Stuttering Foundation has kept accurate data on the calls it has received to date from concerned parents or family members of 18,260 preschool children who are reported to be stuttering.

New Year, New Opportunities!


MEMPHIS, TENN. (Jan. 3, 2022)Good News for Employers: According to speech experts, people who stutter, tend to show significantly above average care and perseverance in completing their workplace responsibilities.

Stuttering Foundation Marks International Stuttering Awareness Day with Updated Book for Pediatricians

6th Edition of The Child Who Stutters:
To the Pediatrician
Mailed to Pediatricians Nationwide

Juanyeh Thomas

Juanyeh Thomas, a safety on the Georgia Tech football team, spoke about his stuttering during a radio interview with the ACC Network.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

South African professional golfer Christiaan Bezuidenhout is a three-time winner on the European Tour, a participant of the Tokyo Olympics, and a person who stutters.

Bezuidenhout has talked about his stuttering during interviews a number of times.

Counseling as an Integral Part of Stuttering Therapy

Effective Counseling in Stuttering Therapy — This book will help your students have a better understanding of the counseling aspect of therapy and suggests ways to use it effectively. Each chapter can stand alone as a resource for the specific population to which it refers.

Back to School: Return to the Classroom Offers Great Opportunities for the Child Who Stutters

Memphis, Tenn. (June 21, 2021) – “Returning to the classroom for the 2021-22 academic year and moving away from remote learning through video and audio instruction offers an excellent opportunity for children who stutter,” says Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation.

The Darwin Family

Generations of Genius and Stuttering

Over the years, many Celebrity Corner articles in our newsletter have profiled people who stutter who have family members who also stutter, which of course is a strong testament to the genetic basis of stuttering. For instance, Lewis Carroll had ten siblings, eight of whom stuttered into adulthood.

Quechua Translations

Pusaq allin willakuy yachachiqkunapaq — Quechua translation of 8 Tips for Teachers

Wawaykiwan allinta rimanaykipaq qanchis allin willakuy — Quechua translation of 7 Tips for Talking with Your Child  

NIH study in mice identifies type of brain cell involved in stuttering

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