• NSSLHA Loves the SFA

    The Stuttering Foundation is this year’s recipient of the student-led fundraising campaign organized each year by the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. See donations below. 

  • Tireless SFA Ambassador Woos Oprah

    By Joan Warner

    Like David Seidler said in his Oscar acceptance speech for The King’s Speech - “We have a voice. We have been heard”- Stuttering Foundation friend, patron, and unofficial Public Library Ambassador Leon ‘Jigger’ Sirois has been espousing that sentiment for years. Tirelessly working with his late-in-life found fluency on behalf of the Stuttering Foundation and all people who stutter, he too says we can be heard.

  • King's Speech Wins 13th Honor: The Stuttering Foundation Gives It 'A Hero's Welcome'

    -From the Summer 2011 Newsletter

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  • Stuttering Foundation Makes Headlines Around the World

  • An Eloquently Golden Ride on the Red Carpet

    "We have a voice. We have been heard."
    David Seidler, while accepting his Oscar for The King's Speech

  • Screenwriter Seidler Triumphed Over His Own Stutter

  • A Third Generation view of the King

    By Jean Gruss

    Editor’s Note: Jean Gruss, the author of this article, is the grandson of Stuttering Foundation founder Malcolm Fraser and Mark Logue is the grandson of Lionel Logue.

    For decades, Lionel Logue’s name was an obscure footnote in biographies of British King George VI.

    But thanks to his grandson and a blockbuster movie, he’s quickly become the most famous speech therapist in history.

  • Stuttering Foundation Gets Starring Role on The King's Speech DVD

    While the Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech is universally treasured by the stuttering community, there is a hidden gem on the DVD and Blu-ray editions released in mid-April.

  • The King's Speech

    Reviewed by John M. Williams

    I was very slow to see the movie The King’s Speech. I had wanted to see it for many months after I read my first review in late 2010. I am overjoyed with having seen it. It is a movie I will watch many times. I enjoyed it that much.

    As I watched the movie, I drew many parallels between the sometimes despicable ways speech therapists and others treated the future King and me.